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CBD Oil and It's Benefits

Source CBD tinctures and salves are developed through infusing cannabinol rich, industrial grade hemp oil with liquid coconut MCT oil. Source’s herbal supplements contain the highest quality and potency hemp CBD oil on the market today. All ingredients are 100 % organic and non- GMO. All of their products are legal, non-psychoactive and are third party tested for purity and potency. Source’s Whole-Plant raw material tests between 26%-29% total CBD (gold grade). Source CBD is about 25% more affordable retail per MG dose than the leading competitors. In most cases, we see them use anywhere between 6%-17% and many are using isolates, which do not provide the full spectrum of cannabinoids, fatty acids and terpenes necessary to optimize the effectiveness of the CBD.

But utilizing coconut oil as the carrier ( instead of widely used olive oil or glycerine), Source provides the body with the most bioavailable means to transfer the CBD directly to the lymphatic system where it can go right to work. Source does not add any additives, flavorings colorings, preservatives or chemicals.

To find out more about Source CBD oils, go to

Some of the most common uses of CBD OIL FOR DOGS:

*Pain relief

*Sleep aid

*Anxiety relief

*Nervous system support

*Reduced inflammation


*Vomiting and nausea

*Muscle spasms

*Digestive tract issues

*Thunderstorm or Firework phobia


*Skin Condition


*Neurological Issues

*Regulating Sugars

*Thyroid support

*Anti Fungal and Anti bacterial Benefits


Possible side effects is mostly Sedation 19%

Over active appetite 5%

Lack of energy 4%

Panic reaction 2.7%

Dry mouth/excessive drinking 2.3%

Nausea 1.7%



Some common uses of CBD oils for humans:

*Quit smoking and drug withdrawals

*Epilepsy and other Emotional disorder

*helps fight Cancer

*Anxiety disorders

*Type 1 diabetes


*Alzheimer disease

*Neuropathic relief

*Antipsychotic effects

*promotes cardiovascular health

Most people do not suffer side effects, however ones that do, suffer from tiredness, diarrhea and change in appetite and weight.

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Terrance Tholen
Terrance Tholen
Aug 14, 2023
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