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Please be advised regarding the service policies we follow at At Your Bark and Call Grooming, Inc. in Stoneham, Massachusetts:

  • Grooming is by appointment only. Please, no walk-ins.
  • Prices given over the phone are estimates only and are subject to change upon actual examination of your dog.
  • In general, prices are based on pets that are in reasonable condition and good temperament.
  • We offer day care two (2) hours before your appointment and/or two (2) hours after your appointment for $7.50 per two-hour increments.
  • A four-hour window is required when scheduling your pet for grooming.
  • Please do not show up before your scheduled pickup time. By showing up early, you could cause harm to your pet. We may be in the middle of scissoring his/her face and they hear or see you, they may jerk their head and get nicked or worse.
  • Owners are NOT allowed to stay and watch while their dog is being worked on.
  • We will not groom a dog if we feel it is too aggressive to the point that it jeopardizes the dog or the groomer’s safety. 
  • If you have a longer-haired dog, it is recommended that you brush/omb him/her prior to the appointment to save time and money. If your dog has two or more mats we will do our best to remove them as long as it does not distress your dog, if they are to uncomfortable during the process, they will have to be shaved down. (We will notify the owner for consent prior) Matted fur is very uncomfortable for your dog. It pulls at their skin and can stop blood circulation. If you are unable to brush your dog on a regular basis, you should request a short trim for your dog. If there are mats and tangles that cause an unusually long time to brush, we will, unfortunately, have to charge an additional fee.

Grooming Menu

Wash & Fluff – $35.00-$90.00 (Depending on breed, size and temperament)

Includes bathing, dry, brush, nail trim/grinding, clean pads and ear clean.

Full Grooming – $60.00 to $250.00 (Excludes Matting) (Depending on breed, size, condition of coat sand temperament)

Everything included in Wash and Fluff plus full clip/cut, sanitary shave (If needed), complete body check, wellness massage during bathing,


A la Carte Menu


Filed/Grinding (if tolerated) – $10.00

Pads Only

De-Shedding: (Furmination)

Vac. $20.00

Wood. $10.00

Small dogs – $4.00

Medium to Large Dogs – $6.00


Defurmination is a de-shedding of the coat. Not only will this give your pet a shiny coat but the coat will lay beautifully and bounce when she/he walks.

Clean Only – $3.00

With pluck– $5..00

Specialty Conditioners or Treatments

Face Trim

De-Matting Treatment-Helps in removing Matts.     Price varies depending on size and length of coat and degree of matting.

Eyes and Mouth – $12.00

Brush-Out Face and Trim – $15.00

Skin Treatment                           $20.00

Hair Growth Treatment                $20.00

Flea & Tic Bath.                          $25.00

Medicated Itch Bath.                   $20.00

Medicated Oatmeal Bath                  $5.00

Skunk bath.                               $25.00



De-Matting:                               $10.00

                                                (per half hour)


If it becomes 2 appointments, cost of second appointment is 1/2 of original appointment                         


Shave down is $20.00 in addition to groom price.


Tattooing.                          varies

Hair Dying.                                         $15.00 - $250.00


Depends on the size of the dog and area to be dyed

Nail Polish

Front and Back – $8.00

Front Only – $4.00

At Your Bark and Call Grooming, Inc.

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