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Welcome to our referral page!

   On this page you will find anything from first rate rescues, Dog trainers, Magazines and so much more. Visit back often so that you get the latest information!




Adopt-A-Stray Rescue

This rescue is one of the best rescues out there and is located in Arkansas. When I am looking for rescues I only use a handful of Rescues that I trust 100% and this is one of them. There is not one dog that I placed from Kelly that the adoptees were not completely over joyed and insisted their dog was meant for them.! If you are looking for a rescue, please check out Adopt-A-Stray or contact me and I will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect dog for YOU!

Fluffs and Scruffs , A Dog Rescue

   Another one of my favorite rescues that go far beyond the call of duty!

Lisa is amazing how she takes care of the strays she acquires. She treats every dog like it is hers. You can contact her directly or I will be happy to assist you.

Facebook Groups

All About Maltese

This is my favorite dog group on Facebook. It is primarily referencing Maltese but we welcome all small dogs and their owners. I am one of the Administrators of the group and look forward to welcoming you!

This group is a great place to visit if you have questions about your dogs health, nutrition, grooming or need support. We love sharing photos of our pups and encourage you to share yours! However, we are not Vets but speak from experience with our own, With well over 8,000 members around there world, more than likely there is someone that has had a similar problem you may be experiencing,.


Burlington Animal Hospital

All the vets here are very good but my recommendation hands down is Rachel Klopfer D.V.M.

Undergraduate Cornell University

UW-Madison 1997 D.V.M.

Not only does she have a warm caring disposition, she respects my opinion on Vaccines which to me is very important! She also goes way beyond her expected duties as a vet when helping to prepare your dog for travel. .She is extremely thorough in everything she does. I completely trust Bella in her hands and for me, that is saying a LOT.

Tell her I sent you and she will know to follow At Your Bark and Call Grooming's vaccine protocol.

Dog Training, Daycare and Boarding

New England Canine


Middleton, MA

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